Minimalistic Working Space

If you’re going to go with a minimalist style in just one area of the home, then choose your home office. A clean and clearly organised workspace is conductive to great concentration and an uninterrupted workflow. Less visual clutter leads to less mental clutter, and you will be able to find your needed files and equipment a whole lot faster too. Take a gander at these minimalist home office ideas that have harnessed simplicity to create productive workspaces completely free from distraction, some with simple Scandi styling and a bunch with home office storage designs to fit spaces of all different shapes and sizes.

A wall mounted desk design leaves the floor free from the clutter of desk legs. Keep computer equipment pared back and the desk lamp streamlined to maintain the clean aesthetic.

This desktop appears to float due to its cantilevered design and its position in front of a window. With the desk design so simple, it has been possible to select a more colourful chair design without overcomplicating at
A desk bureau has the added benefit of shutting to conceal work equipment when not in use. Desks that close up to look just like a sideboard are a great solution when the home office must reside in a living room or the corner of a bedroom. This one is paired with a Muuto Cover Chair.

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